How to Store Cannabis

Cannabis storage is something very many of us don’t take seriously enough. Even some of the best cannabis shops in Calgary are guilty of not highlighting this as a key factor for those who take their weed seriously. Omkara Cannabis has the goal to be one of the best Cannabis stores in Calgary, so we wanted to highlight this as a great blog topic and an opportunity to educate.

Let’s start with the storage of cannabis seeds! We are one of the few Calgary cannabis seed stores that have a wide selection of seeds. We know that the storage of your seeds will directly reflect your ability to sprout those seeds and potentially the plant you get from them. There are two main factors to consider about storing seeds, temperature, and light.

Leaving your seeds exposed to direct sunlight could potentially damage the embryo of the seed, so keeping them in amber or dark container will keep them protected. Its also highly advised to store your cannabis seeds in a refrigerator at an ideal temperature of about 4 degrees Celcius. This simple step will extend the life of your seed. Seeds can last up to 5 years in this state but have been recorded to have lasted even longer.

Now let’s talk about your dried flower. You will hear the same thing whether you hit our Chestermere cannabis store or our Calgary cannabis store. Oxygen is harmful to your weed. The second you pop that container, the air will start to degrade your flower slowly. You might have experienced this many times already as you noticed a once beautiful strain has become dry, odorless, and bland. Simply moving your cannabis to an air-tight glass jar will help tremendously in extending the lifespan. Also, just like seeds, you need to consider light as well. Direct sunlight will also start to degrade your dried flower, so a blacked-out jar is even better. Maintaining this simple step alone will maintain your flower.

Storage of your concentrates is an even more delicate process. Rosin, shatter, wax is already in formats that are susceptible to temperature. Shatter can go sticky, Rosin and Wax can go runny. It’s critical to try and maintain the temperature of these. Our Cannabis shop stores our concentrates under refrigeration to maintain them before they end up in a customer’s bag. In the same fashion, we recommend you also pop your concentrates in the fridge when you get home. Also, maintaining whether the concentrate package is facing upwards will make sure you don’t get any running into the lid.

The last simple one is cartridges, which we get so much feedback on people having bad experiences with. Many people will leave their cartridges in their car during the day and overnight and then suddenly have issues. Carts are very susceptible to temperature changes, and things like excessive heat or cold can affect the operation. Making sure your cartridge is stored in a room-temperature location and standing up to make sure the oil is in the bottom of the atomizer will lead to a much better experience.

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